CO2 Лазер DAVI, 55 w

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Характеристика Значение
Wavelength 10.6μm / 9.3 μm
CW Output Power 55W
Power Stability ±5%
Beam Size 1.8±0.2 ㎜
Beam Divergence 7.5±0.5 mrad
Mode Quality M²<1.2
Polarization >100:1 fixed linear
Weight of Laser System 22.0 lbs(10.0kg)
Input voltage 48 VDC <±2% regulation
Input DC current ≤20A
Ambient Air Temperature 5°C to 40°C
Altitude <6,500 ft.(2,000m)
Humidity Non-condensing

D55 Laser signal wiring method & Note

Выводы Характеристика
1(PWM Orange and white RF Enable, TTL logic input, 1=RF ON,0=RF OFF;1KΩ impedance. This input turns on the laser. (See also Pin 7, Control Enable, below)
2 (+15V Orange) +15 VDC±0.5VDC,0.25 A Max output for customer use
3 (Laser Green and white) Laser ok, TTL logic output,1=LASER OK,0=LASER Fault; Output is asserted when no faults (SWR, Temp or Volt.) are detected
4 (Temp Blue) Temperature OK, TTL logical output,1=Temp ok,0=Temp fault; Output is asserted when temperature is below 60°C
5 (Volt Blue and white) Power and voltage OK, TTL logical output;1= voltage ok,0=voltage fault; Output is asserted when DC supply voltage is below max. value
6 (GND Green) For internal use. must be grounded
7 (Enable Brown and white) Control enables TTL Logical input;1= Laser control enable,0= Laser controlled disabled. This input must be asserted before RF enable can be used to turn on the laser.
8 (GND Brown) GND


  • The connector uses the RJ-45 type,pin color mentioned above is the net cable send with machine
  • Net cable is customized by Dawei laser