1W Зелёные 532nm

Под заказ
35 000


532nmDPSS лазер, (diode pumped solid state laser system), TEC cooled, temperature stabilized, continuous wave, Crystal inspections, laser light shows, holography, ?etc.

High power 532nm solid state lasers are made for the applications of chemical experiment, biological samples, laser collimation, optical instrument,etc.?


Wavelength (nm) 532nm +/- 1nm
Output power (mW) >1000, >1500
Transverse mode Near TEM00
Operating mode CW
Power stability (rms, over 4 hours) <5%
Warm-up time (minutes) <10
M2 factor <2.0
Beam divergence, full angle (mrad) <2.0
Beam diameter at the aperture (mm) 3.0
Beam height from base plate (mm) 29
Polarization ratio >100:1 (0 or 90 degree)
Pointing stability after warm-up (mrad) <0.05
Operating temperature (C) 10 to 35
Power supply (90-264VAC) PSU-H
Laser Head Dimensions (mm) 155 x 77 x 60 ,1kg
Power Supply Dimensions (mm) 238 x 146 x 102, 2.2kg
TTL / Analog modulation Optional
Expected lifetime (hours) 10000
Warranty 1 year